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About Amrapali Group ~ Group Profile

The world needs smart thinkers today, capable multi-taskers, those who bring a lucrative package, rather than a single talent.

Amrapali is one such leading light that is shinning over diversified corporate fields. In the journey of more than two decades, Amrapali Group has been gradually making a mark in each field that it becomes part of.

In the late 80’s, begins the journey of success with the foresight of Mr. Yashwant Thakkar and Mr. Rashmikant Thakkar. Their inspiring perseverance to make a difference led to the foundation of Amrapali Synthetic Pvt. Ltd.

This company blew away the Yarn Industry with a remarkable setting up of 7 large manufacturing units at the end of its very first year. Consequentially, a Public Offering was released, now popularly known as Amrapali Industries Ltd., and the flagship company of Amrapali Group.

Amrapali Group, with a strong penchant towards versatility and diversification in business, entered into Mining Industry with the acquisition of mines at Gujarat and Rajasthan.

As years of hard work and dedication ripened, Amrapali Group won 8 prestigious awards for best quality products and became the top manufacturer of China Clay and its various products.

About Amrapali Group ~ Mission & Vision


  • To keep innovation, excellence, enterprising nature and customer-satisfaction at the hindsight while scaling the heights of success
  • To preserve the nature by making eco-friendliness an innate part of every single practice
  • To establish effective management practices emphasizing on productivity, development and ethics


With a consistent, zealous, and determined approach, Amrapali has a top-drawer plan for the foreseeable future. With every strategized move brings innovation, hard work and a thought of accomplishment. Amrapali, till date has offered state of the art services, support and moreover expertise to its customers in all perspectives. With a proficient and enthusiasm-driven ideology, Amrapali makes sure that it provides quality and service with a difference. They envision a phase where you’d not settle for anything less than Amrapali.

Amrapali operates in diversified areas that include:

  • Providing efficient stock broking services
  • Providing stock market related consultancy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Commodity Trading & Broking
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • IPO, Mutual Funds
  • Bullion Trading
  • Delivering quality homes and commercial spaces
  • Event Management
  • Mining products
  • Depository Services

About Amrapali Group ~ Board of Directors

Delivering excellence through Planning, Perfection and Perseverance

We are a team of experts and we do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work and integrity. With the most enviable pool of talent in our quiver filled with enthusiasm, passion and dedication, we are making the impossible; possible!

Yashwant. A. Thakkar
Rashmikant A. Thakkar
Chirag Thakkar
Group Chairman

About Amrapali Group ~ Chairman’s Desk

If the last century was about meeting human needs, the new millennium is about matching human aspirations.

We live in a world where the young are reaching higher, dreaming bigger and demanding more and standing shoulder to shoulder with the global world that is challenging the limits of hope and possibility.

Simultaneously there are abundant and unending growth opportunities in the domestic market as well.

Amrapali Group work with commitment and resolve to create pathways that connect ambition, to achievement, promise to performance, concern for society, potential to reality…

Our goal is not to just to be a leader in our business of ship recycling or nor just to build a great enterprise for our stakeholder, but more importantly, to build a great future for our country and the world at large; to give hundreds of millions of people the power to fulfill their dreams, shape their own destiny and the means to realize their true and diverse potential.

The mission of Amrapali Group is their transparent HR policies and robust processes are driven by a single overarching objective – To attract, nurture, grow and retain the best leadership talent in every sector and industry in which we operate.

Mr. Yashwant A. Thakkar
Group Chairman

About Amrapali Group ~ Achievements

Winning The Desired And The Deserved

Throughout our years of dedication and struggle, we have put our heart and soul into our projects. Here is a list of well-deserved rewards to our utmost innovation and hard work.

    • Priyadarshni Award 1995
    • Udyog Pragati Award
    • National Corporate Excellence Award
    • Rajiv Gandhi National Unity Award 1995
    • Trophy for Environment & Conservation week celebration in the year 1993-94
    • National Excellence award for 1996-97 on the eve of 61st Indian Ceramic Society
    • An appreciation for Outstanding Contribution in 2000 on the eve of Annual of India Ceramic Society
    • National Award 2000-01 on the eve of 65th Annual of India Ceramic Society
    • Award: Best Silver Bullion Dealer Of the Year 2016-17
    • Award: Best Silver Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016-17
    • Award: Best Silver Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016-17
    • Award: Best Silver Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016-17
    • Award: Best Silver Bullion Dealer of the Year 2016-17
    • Award: Emerging Bullion Dealer of the Year 2014-15
    • Award: Best Bullion Dealer 2018

About Amrapali Group ~ Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Amrapali Group are conscious of the fact that our activities have a direct and immediate effect on our employees, stakeholders and society as a whole – not to mention the wider natural world.

Not only do we go out on a limb to preserve natural greenery around sites, but we also try to create a healthy ecosystem wherever possible, comprising gardens, parks and aesthetic water bodies.

We have a continuing social responsibility towards the people of the area in which we operate – more so towards the less fortunate.

In fact, we endeavour to create sustainable economies and transform stagnant lives through an active partnership involving synergized and pro-active hand-holding in the areas of infrastructure, education, health and environment.

By living up to such commitments, we are able to develop and sustain long-term relationships and win the goodwill of the common man.

At Amrapali Group, Corporate and Social Responsibility is not given mere lip service, but is honored in letter, spirit and deed.

Our Businesses

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